Toasted chesnut flakes

Toasted chesnut flakes – Possible traces of cereals containing gluten, soy, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews), sesame.

350 g, 3kg 

Toasted chesnut flakes


   Ingredient             100g / Contributions

   Fat*                                       4,5g/6%

   Carbohydrates**                      65g/25%

   Protein                                  6,2g/12%

   Salt                                      0,03g/1%

*of which saturated fatty acids : 1.3g/7%

**of which sugar : 25g/28%




For a simple, quick and delicious soup:


  • 1 volume of toasted chestnut flakes, 2 volumes of salt water, 1 volume of soy milk.
  • Bring the water to a boil and add the flakes. Cover and cook for 15 minutes over low heat. Add the soymilk after cooking. This simple soup can be embellished according to your taste.


  • You can eat them according to your desires in salty or sweet preparations. These flakes are consumed at breakfast (mueslis, …) or added in soups, mashed, desserts, in the dough for cakes or bread … Dipped for a few hours in a vegetable milk, you can then add them to your muesli.
  • You can also cook them. Take 4 tablespoons per person and cook for 5 minutes in 100 ml of boiling water. Let it swell out of the heat for 2 minutes.