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Toasted Rice Flakes

Toasted Rice Flakes

Possible traces of cereals containing gluten, soy, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews), sesame.

500 g

Toasted Rice Flakes


   Ingredient             100g / Contributions

   Fat*                                    2,5g/4%

   Carbonhydrates**                 81g/31%

   Protein                              8g/16%

   Salt                             0,004g/0%

*of which saturated fatty acids : 0.6g/3%

**of which sugar : 1g/1%




Practical and easy to use, they are eaten as they are at breakfast (muesli) or cooked in soups, gratins, preparation for vegetable cakes, dough for cakes and breads … These flakes can be eaten as they are at breakfast just rehydrated with milk or yogurt (and mixed with fresh fruit or dried fruit, chocolate chips, honey … and other cereals blown or flaked).


  • You can also cook them.
  • Take 4 tablespoons per person and cook for 5 minutes in 100 ml of boiling water. Let it swell out of the heat for 2 minutes.
  • Otherwise, incorporate your flakes directly into your recipes for salty or sweet recipes such as gratins, soups, vegetable cakes, donuts, cakes, cookies, breads …