Source of vegetable proteins, discover the diversity of our legumes in order to vary the pleasures!

Grain cereals

Quinoa, millet, buckwheat … rediscover all our cereal grains for accompaniments that are both varied and delicious

Our cereal flakes

Rediscover the diversity of our cereal flakes, made using a gentle steaming process, preserving their nutritional qualities as much as possible!

Our legume flakes

With these easy and quick to cook flakes, find all the benefits of legumes!

Our combinations “Ideal veggie”

Ideally balanced in cereals and vegetable proteins, discover our Ideal Veggie combinations for complete vegetarian meals.

Our preparation for galettes

Let yourself be surprised by our preparations for vegetable galettes ready in just 15 minutes.

Our Polenta Semolina Couscous

Couscous, semolina and polentas: add a Mediterranean touch to your meals now with our selection

Soy proteins

Adapted to a vegetarian diet, our soy proteins are extruded at low temperatures to preserve the nutritive elements of the soy.

Our plain and cooked Bulgurs

Vary the pleasures with these wheat cereals: plain or cooked bulgur!


Qualitative products that are as tasty as they are easy to use: discover the Celnat range of soups now!

Our legume purees

Gourmet recipes, rich in taste and ready in 5 minutes!