Rye for Sprouting

Rye for Sprouting

Possible traces of soy, nuts, sesame.

500 g 

Rye Seeds to Sprout

Local Sourcing :

Our rye comes only from the department of Haute-Loire, near our manufacturing unit. It is a rustic cereal, perfectly suited to granite soils and the cool climate of our mountainous region.

Direct Link With Producers:

In order to better control the quality of our cereals, we favor direct purchases from organic farmers in a spirit of partnership. Our rye producers work on farms on a human scale, located at altitude and oriented towards diversified productions: polycultures-livestock farms, the most relevant model in organic farming.

The Quality :

We make sure to offer you the best quality of rye: :
• our producers prefer rye varieties from farm seeds for the most part ;
• the terroir of the high plateaux of the Haute-Loire is perfectly suited to this culture ;
• geographic proximity to our producers allows us to control and minimize the time between harvest and use (or storage in our elevators).


100g / % Contributions

   Fat*                             1,7g/2%

   Carbonhydrates**        61g/23%

   Protein                    9,2g/18%

   Salt                        0,01g/0%

*of which saturated fatty acids : 0.3g/2%

**of which sugar : 0.9g/1%




This rye is recommended for germination. Germinate the grains and taste the sprouts in salads, in a sandwich. You can also cook vegetables in a pan or wok and add the sprouted seeds at the end of cooking.

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